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Laughter is the beauty of man. Laughter is modernity; laughter is smartness. Laughter is not a light subject; it is a ‘serious’ subject. So you have to open your heart to laugh. Laughter has many benefits. So smile — laugh, smile, whatever, smile a little.

On September 4, 2019, an article titled ‘Ektu Hasun’ was published online by Prothom Alo and written by Ahmed Helal, Associate Professor, National Institute of Mental Health, Dhaka. The article highlighted.

‘Ramgarh’s puppies forbid them to smile, / When they hear laughter, they say,’ I will not laugh, no, no, no. ‘/ I am always scared to death. ‘Hey Ray, when I smiled, I realized I was playing. Gone is gone, my personality is gone’ many people become Ramgarh’s children to keep a fake feeling in themselves. He doesn’t laugh even when he laughs. It’s like a bored ‘big boss’ with his forehead always wrinkled. But trying not to laugh at this doesn’t seem right at all. You have to smile to be good in body and mind. Must laugh for logical reasons. These ‘haha,’ ‘ho ho,’ ‘hee hee’ pronunciations of laughter are universal languages! In almost all languages, laughter is a kind of expression. Humans are the only animals on earth that can smile perfectly. However, researchers have found evidence that several animals, including chimpanzees, rats, dolphins, and dogs, can express happiness in their various behaviors or words, but that is not a laugh. And what Hyena’s smile says is Hyena’s call.

What is a smile?

Laughter is the expression of human emotion. Feeling good, happiness, joy, and the feeling transmitted to our mind after any achievement reveals through laughter. But we are not very consciously laughing like ‘now you have to smile, everyone smile.’ Laughter is the expression of spontaneous emotion. And consciously ‘have to laugh,’ so I think putting a sweet smile on the corner of the lips with the state’s annoyance is a fake smile.

Emotions stimulate the brain’s ventromedial prefrontal cortex, causing the release of a chemical called ‘endorphins,’ so we laugh. When interpreted differently, emotions cause laughter in our muscles’ movement; then, endorphins releases in the brain. It’s a lot like ‘before the egg or before the chicken.’ Activation of the brain’s limbic system and the amygdala also plays a role in creating laughter. According to Sigmund Freud, laughter relieves anxiety, anger, and sadness; So laughter is essential.

Laughter is a means of communication with us. Because mentally healthy people do not usually laugh alone, they laugh in front of others. Laughter is contagious; when a person starts laughing in a chat, it spreads to everyone. During laughter, the muscles of our face, neck, neck, chest, and hands move, breathing changes. A child who is developing learns typically to smile before learning to speak. Naturally, he can smile spontaneously within three to four months of birth, but if he cannot smile spontaneously within six months of delivery, it should assume that his development is slowing down. Children smile about 100 times a day, and adults smile about 10 times a day. There is much research on laughter. Without going into theoretical analysis, we usually see several types of laughter — laughter (loud laughter), smirk (silent laugh), wooden laughter (laughter), crooked laughter (sarcastic laughter)

Why laugh?

We have to smile because laughter is human behaviour. You have to smile to express yourself as a healthy person. Laughter is needed to keep the body and mind healthy. ‘Laughter therapy’ is a kind of an excellent way to stay. There are laughter clubs in the country and abroad, in which laughter is practising by teaming up daily like gymnastics! Laughter has many physical and mental benefits. Some of the main advantages of laughter are:

Relieves stress

Laughter reduces the release of stress hormones (cortisol) in the body, resulting in less stress. Laughter reduces anxiety and worry.

Reduces pain

Laughter, especially laughter, releases chemicals called endorphins, which reduce our sensation of pain.

Controls anger

One of the best ways to control your anger is to smile. The more you laugh, the more anger control will create.

Prevents disease

Laughter increases the production of immune white blood cells, which helps prevent disease.

Don’t grow old prematurely

Laughter becomes an exercise in the facial muscles. As a result, those who smile regularly do not get the impression of old age on their face.

Sharpens thinking

Laughter increases the flow of oxygen to the lungs and the brain, sharpening the thoughts. Intellectual exercises integrated.

Relationships improve

When more than one person laughs together, effective communication is forming between them, the relationship improves.

Increases confidence

Laughter increases communication skills; it increases self-confidence.

Thinks positively

Laughter keeps negative thoughts, and behaviors away make people optimistic.

Brings new energy

Laughter eliminates fatigue and exhaustion.

Regulates blood pressure

Laughter lowers high blood pressure; Which helps keep the heart-healthy.

Reduces weight

Laughing for 15 minutes every day burns about 40 calories, which helps in weight loss.

Increases the quality of work

When you smile, teamwork is good; it increases the quality of work in the workplace. Distance with a team or team members is short.

Increases life expectancy

A study in Norway found that laughter makes people live longer!

The grammar of laughter

Laughter is beneficial; laughter is essential, But laughter also has some etiquette. Don’t laugh alone; don’t laugh for no reason. Because smiling for no reason or smiling alone can sometimes be a sign of mental illness. When laughing out loud, be careful if your smile is bothering anyone. Don’t laugh at a small laugh that makes you feel like you’re trying to get someone else’s attention. Understand the situation and smile. Avoid fake, cruel, and crooked smiles as much as possible. Never laugh at anyone’s danger.

‘I will never be so old

I will go to laughter and jokes. ‘- Rabindranath Tagore

There is no reason to think that laughter will play on your personality; Rather, a logical smile proves you are a human, healthy person. Smile is your beauty; a smile is your modernity; a smile is your smartness. Laughter is not a light subject; it is a ‘serious’ subject. So smile, laugh, smile, whatever, smile a little. Smile as you please. You have to laugh! 

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