Plum Fruit Benefits,The Fruit Of The Family

Quick description of plum tree: –

The plum is a wild tree, with an upright stalk and dark branches, ranging from 1-12 m,The leaves are fluffy on the lower side,The white cluster flowers are green to pink.The plum belongs to the pink family (Rosaceae) Which belongs to almonds, apricots, apples.

The nutritional value of plum

Each 100 g plum contains: – 23 mg of water, 46 g of energy, 70 g of protein, 28 g of fat, 42.11 g of carbohydrates, 4.1 g of fiber, 6 mg of calcium, 17 mg of iron, 7 mg of magnesium, 16 mg of phosphorus, 157 mg of potassium, 0.5 mg copper, 0.5 mg manganese, 5 mg vitamin C, 0.5 mg vitamin B 1.0 mg ammonium 2,41 mg vitamin B 3.13 mg vitamin B 0.5.2 mg vitamin B 6,345 units of vitamin A, 26 mg of vitamin E,4.6 kg Vitamin K, 0.1 g Thionine, 0.1 g Isolucin, 0.1 g Lucine, 0.1 g Lysine, 0.1 g Brolin, 0.1 g Phenylanine, 10 mg Zinc, 0.1 g Valine , And a lot of elements.

The most important chemical compounds of plum

The medicinal compounds of the medicinal properties of plum are pectin, albumin, malic acid, chlorogens, camphirol, quercetin, arpenoside, ramenopranoside, tannin, kefin, ammacdalin,Agarose, anthocyanins.

Therapeutic benefits

Recent medical studies suggest that there are many therapeutic benefits to plum. The most important of which is purifying the blood, activating the process of metabolism, strengthens the heart, strengthens the nerves, treats some skin infections, such as herpes and infertility, and has great effectiveness in the treatment of mucous membrane inflammation and kidney stones and bladder and constipation and inflammation of the prostate.

The plum is effective against sores and bacterial infections,Oxidation and pressure and plum fruits are stimulated to the nervous system.

And has a great effectiveness in reducing cholesterol and prevention of heart disease, diabetes, asthma and mental illnesses such as fear and depression and a strong stimulant of the nervous system and blood circulation and inflammation of the gums and hemorrhoids,And works to delay aging.It treats rheumatism, gout, fever, sore throat, tonsils, ascites and dysmenorrhea.

Plum blossoms treat tumors, diabetes, hemorrhoids, cholesterol and stress.And that fruits and flowers anti-fungal and constipation and inflammation of the digestive system.Plum tree leaves are diuretic and stimulant for the immune system and protect against heart disease, cancer growth, liver infections and wound treatment.

And the leaves and flowers diuretic and treatment of cough and gallstones of urinary tract and diabetes, pressure and colds and cuts and bruises.Antispasmodic and nerve disorders. In addition, the use of leaves and leaves in the manufacture of dyes and plum cumin oil used in the manufacture of cosmetics.

Methods of using plum in treatment

1. Cholesterol, heart disease, aging, constipation, nervous disorders and stomach diseases, eating 3-5 fresh plum fruits between each meal.Or soak 7 dry plum fruit into an boiling water bowl. After it has cooled, sprinkle the fruits in water and drink 1-2 times daily between meals.

2 – constipation, fever, inflammation of the respiratory tract, urine and gravel: – a teaspoon of leaves in boiling water and after cooled and filtered drink when need to catch. And 3 times a day with a honey spoon for bronchitis and cough. 4-5 times daily for urinary tract infections and gravel.

3 – diabetes, nervousness, hemorrhoids, ascites, rheumatism, dysmenorrhea and skin infections: – a teaspoon of flowers milled in boiling water boil cool and drain and drink 1-3 cups daily according to the degree of diabetes, and when needed for nervousness and dysmenorrhea. 2 teaspoons of flowers, ground in boiling water, cooled, filtered and used as compresses for skin infections 2-4 daily.

4 – rectal inflammation: – a teaspoon of ground dumplings in boiling water, cooled, filtered and used as an injection before bedtime and during the day.

5- Diabetes: – A small spoon of the mixture of equal amounts of leaves and leaves in boiling water boil cool and drain and drink 1-3 cups daily according to the degree of diabetes.

6 – Asthma, colds, bruises and freshness of the skin: – A small spoon of the mixture of leaves and flowers Mtnona in boiling water boiled, filtered and drink when needed for asthma, and after each meal for cold, and added two tablespoons of it in a glass of water and used compresses bruises 2-4 times a day. Mix the same mixture with plum seed pulp in a boiling water mug, cool and drain and wipe the face in the evening provided that it does not enter the eye.


Urinary tract patients and pebbles are not allowed to eat plum too much! Because it contains oxalate.It is also not allowed to exceed the doses prescribed in the recipes above, in terms of leaves, flowers and shells as this will lead to vomiting and difficulty breathing.


  1. Wow, this is amazing, I did not know that plums had that much nutritional value. I am always looking for different things to add to my diet and 70g of protein per 100g of plum is amazing! I’m going to have to bookmark this for further reference.

  2. Excellent article.You had me at fruit.I pretty much love all fruits as most have natural beneficial properties to help your body to be healthy.Great info and research done on the fruit

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