Kill Cancer With Orange Make it With Orange Oranges


Orange tree with an upright stalk and branches, up to 8 m high, its oval leaves shiny and dark, aromatic white flowers, the fruits spherical green and then become light yellow and then become orange, with a thick crust thickness, containing On the oily glands, followed by a light white layer under the pulp, consisting of 10 pockets of succulent, in the middle of white seeds of different number, and there are types inside the fruit is a small incomplete fruit, the name of orange is taken from the name Narnaga Sanskrit language.

Contains 100 grams of orange on water , Energy, protein, fat, carbohydrates, fiber, sugars, calcium, iron, magnesium,Phosphorus, potassium, sodium, in varying proportions distributed to pulp, juice and peel.

Chemical compounds of orange

Fruits contain many fatty acids and enzymes, as well as peel, flowers and leaves containing volatile oils, with various therapeutic benefits.It contains ampeliferone, pyron citrate, hspridine, amoraphos, urentiamarin, lemons, lycopene and other flavons and comarins.

Therapeutic benefit

We recommend eating orange peel because it is more useful than pulp and juice, as it contains high proportions of nutrients and therapeutic.

[Very important note for smokers] We recommend that smokers eat large quantities of vitamin C-containing foods, as non-smokers need to eat one orange per day, and smokers need between 2 to 4 orange per day.Because smoking constantly damages the body’s cells, those who abstain or reduce this amount of oranges may eat foods and herbs that contain vitamin C.Orange helps absorb iron in the body.Orange is useful for the treatment of poor appetite, mucous membrane inflammation, a blood purifier, a tonic for the immune system, anti-bacterial, fungus and parasites, orange fruits cure for cough, gas and lack of sweat secretion. Research has confirmed that it contains some active caffeine In burning fats.

The fruits of orange are antioxidant and a potent antidote to cancerous growth, premature aging and cholesterol. It is one of the most powerful cancer treatments, especially prostate cancer, breast cancer and anti-atherosclerosis,Particularly the coronary artery.Reducing pressure and treating bronchitis, and a study from Georgetown University suggests its importance in reducing weight.

Orange leaves and flowers are anti-digestion and convulsions, and their oils treat nervous tension, in addition to the leaves prevent pregnancy.Seeds and white inner layer are used as an antioxidant, poor appetite and cough.The immature fruits are used to produce perfumes and treat constipation and fall of the uterus and rectum.

The mechanism of treatment with orange

The ability of orange as an antidote to cholesterol, oxidation and aging is attributed to its containment (Protopection,bioflavonoids,inositol) and Vitamin C, The leaves contain (coumarins,umbelliferone) Therefore, it is considered an antifungal and bacterial treatment.And the containment of fruits on lemonade makes it a cure for bronchitis and throat and nervous tension.Orange oils treat high pressure.

The effectiveness of orange in the treatment of cancer growth is due to contain (Lycopene,limonoids).Its ability to dissolve grease is also due to its effectiveness in releasing a hormone (Noradrenaline).

Methods of use in treatment

*For high pressure, cholesterol, aging and cancer prevention: – Peel an orange and put in a blender with a little water with a small piece of orange peel and filtered it and drink it  before each meal in half an hour.

* Poor digestion, gases and salts: Eat one orange peel after each meal and with a little peel.

*Acne and fungal and bacterial skin infections: rub your infection spot with the outer layer of the orange peel 3-6 times daily.

* General weakness and indigestion: Dehydrated orange peel and grind, use half a tablespoon in half a glass of water to drink after each meal.

* For urine retention, put half a teaspoon in a glass of warm water and drink 3 – 5 times a day.

*For obesity: Add one orange juice to a cup of tea and drink without sugar.

*Colic, vomiting, colds, hardening of the arteries, palpitations and sore throat: 1 teaspoon mashed dried orange peel in 1 cup boiling water,Cool, drain and drink half a cup when needed, and to harden the arteries drink a cup 2 – 3 times daily and for laryngitis 3 – 5 times a day.

Warning for pregnant women

Pregnant women should not eat oranges during pregnancy in the first months, and may not eat oranges immature, because they cause abortion. It is not permissible to put oil on the skin and exposure to the sun, it causes allergies.


    • the most effective this is to stay away from smoking and maintain a healthy structure and exercise everyday with healthy food of course would be great start to lead healthy life .thanks dear for the comment .

      • Sorry if this is a repeat but I dint see my original comments so I have to repeat. I found the article useful as an alternative and good preventative methods. Recheck the use of periods and commas throughout the article. Also, under “methods of use in treatment”, could you clarify “Eat one orange peel after each meal and with a little peel”

        Something else that needs clarification is “Peel an orange and put in a blender with a little water with a small piece of orange peel and drain and drink before each meal in half an hour.”

        What is drained and what is it left over to be drank? You could also rephrase the last part as “drink it a half hour before each meal”.

        also, the sentence “rub the outer face of the orange peel 3-6 times daily” could be rephrased as “rub the infected area with the outer face of the orange peel 3 – 6 times a day”.

        Take care and good luck.

        • thank you dear this is my deceleration of what you suggest:-
          *For high pressure, cholesterol, aging and cancer prevention: – Peel an orange and put in a blender with a little water with a small piece of orange peel and filtered it and drink it before each meal in half an hour.
          *Acne and fungal and bacterial skin infections: rub your infection spot with the outer layer of the orange peel 3-6 times daily.

  1. I love oranges and when they go out of season I really miss them. I did not know of these therapeutic effects. I knew they had lots of vitamin C and were good for me. I had no idea in what ways. Now I do 🙂

    Thank you for the information!

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  3. Wonderful information .. wonderful benefits always underestimate the benefits of food. The most beautiful topic is that food is the medicine I wish you the best 👍Lara your effort more than wonderful Thank you

  4. Thanks lara for this post that rise the life of mine feelings of humanity that represents the strong bonds of love of life.really I appreciate your hard work to let us know the bright side of Orange not only have pleasure when we eat but the strong and amazing side of ability to defend that monster disease who all know it as impossible to defeat ,now all we get to know the benefits of Orange to make this monster as a silly thing.

    • THANK YOU DEAR A.A.STAR for such wonderful comment i hope my post shows you the good benefits of orang , please enjoy reading ,and do not make it your last visit..

  5. Thank you for your post I never know oranges had such and effect on so many different illnesses. i just knew they were good for vitamin C. Very informative. Thanks

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