Hundreds of benefits of meditation

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By practicing meditation people now know that how to be successful in life, millions of people from all walks of life have transformed unrest into peace, disease into healing, failure into success, and deprivation into abundance. You, too, can change your life through the practice of Quantum Meditation.

Release unrest or instability

  1. The entanglement of your mind can be opened with effortless spontaneity. From slavery, you will be freed from the unhealthy competition to buy consumer goods. Instead, you will gain the attitude of gratitude.
  2. The mother of success will be able to adopt a pro-active attitude by changing the cause of failure.
  3. Through regular meditation, you will be able to sharpen your thoughts, correct your decisions and make your speech spontaneous.
  4. You will be able to sleep as you wish, get rid of prolonged insomnia, wake up on time, and control excessive sleep.
  5. Live in the moment: Get rid of fatigue and depression. Wake up at the moment: get rid of fatigue and sleepiness. Calm down at the moment: calmly deal with sudden stressful situations and learn the technique of relieving headaches at the moment.
  6. Learn the relaxation process to relax the nerves and muscles fully.
  7. Get rid of all unreasonable fears and phobias, including fear of disease, fear of people, fear of death.
  8. You will find peace of mind, free from anxiety, frustration, depression, sadness, remorse, anger, hatred, and guilt.
  9. You can get rid of negative thoughts, words, emotions, behaviors and create positive thoughts, words, behaviors, and habits.
  10. Applying Quanta sounds and Quanta postures will help you to learn faster and control anger, anger, appetite, tension, nervousness, or fear at the moment and deal with any situation in a cold head.
  11. Practicing ways to remember, remembering forgotten things, and remembering names will make your memory sharper.
  12. For yourself, you can see that faith and hope to create new possibilities and doubt and frustration make life miserable.

Good Health

  1. Meditation can build a thriving immune system against disease by activating the body’s immune system and making it more effective.
  2. You can pray with concentration that you will be freed from his physical disability.
  3. Your digestion will increase, and you will be free from all digestive problems.
  4. Meditation will relieve stressful acidic conditions and create an alkaline state in your body, a prerequisite for well-being and healing.
  5. You can maintain your attractive figure naturally and effectively to control weight.
  6. Avoiding harmful eating habits and following Quantum eating habits can enhance your youth, motivation, and well-being.
  7. Practicing yoga with meditation will increase your physical and mental fitness.

Sickness discharge

  1. As a result of meditation, by taking the right approach to good health and healing, you can be free from 75% of mental and physical illnesses.
  2. By identifying and eliminating the disease’s psychological cause, you will get relief from various chronic psychosomatic disorders, including migraine, back pain, sinusitis, and arthritis.
  3. With proper breathing, you will always be lively and lively. Increasing the lungs’ performance and increasing oxygen flow to the body cells will cure fatigue, chronic cold, asthma, bronchitis.
  4. Get rid of tension-related diseases like insomnia, high blood pressure, diabetes, coronary heart disease, stroke, diarrhea, stomach ailments, IBS, ulcers, skin diseases, etc., and enjoy an everyday healthy life.
  5. Patients with coronary heart disease will become healthy, vibrant, and active without angioplasty and bypass surgery following a meditation-directed lifestyle.
  6. Incredible healing from many complex and incurable diseases can be achieved through the integrated application of ‘Dhyana Doa Dan Dawa’.
  7. Smoking can eliminate alcohol, drugs, and any intoxicants and narcotics (betel nut, Jordan, betel nut, rose, etc.).

Family and social prosperity

  1. Get rid of misconceptions about love-marriage-family and get the direction of peaceful family life.
  2. You will learn to show complete affection, respect, and attention to your spouse, parents, and children. The family will be your source of inspiration.
  3. You can develop your child with the right outlook on life as an enlightened person.
  4. By participating in family meditation and family foundation activities, the family will become a heavenly environment rich in happiness and peace.
  5. Realizing the importance of association will create a sense of unity.
  6. You will learn to build bridges of good relations without creating misunderstandings and walls in personal, family, and social relationships.
  7. Understanding the importance and strategy of good relationships will result in excellent skills in social connectivity. Your acceptance will increase.
  8. Spontaneous expression of modesty, humanity, etiquette and virtue in behavior will become the center of attraction.
  9. Realizing the importance of forgiveness can easily remove the bitterness of any family and social relationship.
  10. By meditation will achieve prosperity in both cases by harmonizing the busyness between profession and family. Your organizational skills will develop.
  11. Thousands of Quantum family members will come together in joint prayers to cure your problems, dangers, and illnesses, no matter where you are in remote areas or exile. Feel ‘you are not alone.
  12. You will get compassionate, honest counseling and counseling on any problem, including personal, family, physical, mental and social.

Interesting personality

  1. Learn to use the vast power of self-transformation to be free from negativity.
  2. Instability will be free from inertia and inferiority complex and be confident, alert, calm, and confident.
  3. You will be part of the solution, not part of the problem or crisis.
  4. Be aware of the infinite power of the mind. Your confidence and trust will be vital. Like the successful ones, you will think, ‘I can, I will.
  5. Gain an idea of ​​the brain’s extraordinary power and learn the techniques of overuse of the brain.
  6. If you get angry, you will feel the truth. Learn techniques to control anger in daily life.
  7. Learn the process of practicing autosuggestion and certification to develop personality and acquire qualities.
  8. You will be able to make the right decisions at the right time, which will make you possess easy, spontaneous leadership.
  9. You will learn the process of attracting success and good fortune to yourself through mindfulness.

1st in class

  1. You can quickly master what you will read or practice by fixing your mind at the moment through zero attention.
  2. As a student, you will set the right goals and objectives for life and move forward spontaneously to achieve those goals. The formula of being 1st in class and 1st in life will help you to be successful.
  3. You will be able to create reading quickly by creating uninterrupted attention and reading through a unique process.
  4. You will be aware of the traps of student life.
  5. Be time-conscious. Learn simple techniques to follow the routine.
  6. Any student will be able to get the result of the 1st row by removing the test’s fear and taking the test with confidence.
  7. You will get the desired result in case of examination or through successful application of Quanta posture on the Viva board.
  8. Realize that merit is not everything. It is necessary to be a successful student – setting specific goals and well-planned studies.

Abundance and success

  1. Focusing on career and work will turn a job into the joy of your life.
  2. Awakening of self-confidence will increase professional skills. Increase your importance in the workplace and your ability to attract success.
  3. Gain the courage and determination to start from scratch in each case.
  4. The vision of transforming talent into service will create new enthusiasm in your professional work.
  5. By understanding and following the five principles of a successful career, you will be unique in your profession.
  6. It will be easier to invent new work plans in the professional field by using the brain.
  7. Abundance will be gained in simple spontaneity by following the five principles of abundance.
  8. Be aware of the Baniya group’s traps like credit cards, microloans, loans for flat houses, and finally loans for Fulani. Realize, ‘Debt-free affluent life is my fundamental right.’
  9. Quanta can be used in any business discussion or transaction, and you can quickly finalize the transaction with the other party with a calm mind.
  10. You will work with a cool head, so your ability to take responsibility will increase, you will become everyone’s trust.
  1. Properly covered, it will withstand plenty of adverse conditions.

67 . Achieve managerial vision, not clerical mentality. Able to take far-reaching decisions.

68 . There will be rules and punctuality in life, giving you the gift of more work success in less time.

  1. Creativity and popularity will increase in acting, sports, and public profession, and you will gain money, fame, and prestige in your workplace.
  2. You can use Quantum Healing and Soil Bank as a catalyst for your professional success.

Moral and spiritual development

  1. By connecting with the ”innermost self” you will feel the nature of the soul.
  2. You can easily overcome uncertainty, insecurity, and loneliness by exposing yourself.
  3. With wisdom, you can make the right decision at the right time on your own.
  4. The guide of the heart will get the guidance of welfare from the inner guru.
  5. Behind everything visible will be activating the background vibrations and rules of the playful nature to heal and overall welfare of oneself and others. Be aware of the law of natural return.
  6. Learn the process of diagnosing, healing, and achieving the overall well-being of others.
  7. Get rid of all the evil influences by getting psychic armor in the command center.
  8. Concentration and extreme attention will be created in prayers, supplications, and worship.
  9. At the level of meditation, you will get an unprecedented feeling of listening to the Qur’an Qur’an with meaning. Understand the words of the Creator in profound self-absorption.
  10. Universal affection will be felt in the heart towards the people and the created world irrespective of religion and caste.
  11. By surrendering to the Creator, a peaceful suffix will be created in you. All unwanted fears and instability will be removed from life.
  12. Amid the dense nature of Quantum, you will have the opportunity to meditate and enjoy the golden silence.
  13. Sadananda, free from sadness, will get the key to an enlightened life.
  14. You will know the real purpose of life and will realize the responsibility entrusted to you as a human being.
  15. Become a unique person with moral and human qualities.
  16. You will gain a healthy body, a calm mind, a busy and happy life.


  1. Through self-initiative, self-financing, and various self-planning initiatives, one can be truly dedicated to the service of creation.
  2. Spiritual satisfaction will be gained by having the opportunity to serve creation with joy in thousands of people.
  3. Unity in satsangha will develop your talent in hundreds.
  4. As a spiritual guardian, you can also be a shelter for helpless children by paying monthly/annual expenses.
  5. Your life in Satsangha will become peaceful by participating in various self-development activities, including Sadakayan and Alokayan.
  6. In the field of Quantum, you will have the uninterrupted opportunity to unite with the innumerable far-reaching service works which are impossible for you were alone.
  7. By taking part in voluntary blood donation activities, you can save the deceased’s life.
  8. Through the Quantum Zakat Fund, you will have the opportunity to work to better the poor.
  9. By donating as much as you can to Quantum Earth Bank every day, you will be able to enlighten the lives of thousands of deprived people in an organized manner.
  10. You can play a role in building a humane society by making Bangladesh a leading nation globally.

Freedom from virtual virus-addiction

  1. Become aware of Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Selfie, YouTube, Web Series, TV Serials, Virtual Games, Online Shopping, Smart TV, Internet, and Smartphone Addiction. Get a healthy everyday life free from addiction.
  2. By following practical guidelines, you can free yourself from technology addiction and health risks and make your family-relatives-friends aware of its death aggression.
  3. In the virtual world, instead of artificial sociality and fragile aerial relations, focus on real-life and relationships.
  4. Survive from being a victim of cybercrime and fraud. You will be able to identify the exploiters’ new strategies.
  5. Learn how excessive use of technology reduces the thinking, skills, and attention and your family-especially children and adolescents and gain the right approach and dimension to the use of technology.

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