Coronavirus – How to boost your immunity

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The virus has plagued the lives of billions of people worldwide for the past year, which is why so many people around the world are now quarantined at home. How to prevent it is probably the most asked question in the world right now!

In a word, it isn’t easy to answer. It is not possible to give quick a solution.

But what if we look back at the foods or processes that people have found for ages to increase their immunity?

Especially when experts say prevention is ‘more manageable and more effective than cure.

However, there is no guarantee that these foods or processes will work to prevent Covid-19.

But believe me, if you eat these foods regularly and follow the steps, you will discover an excellent level of immunity in the body.

Garlic- Disease resistance superstar

Inside the tiny cloves of garlic lies such a remarkable ability to resist disease that three thousand years ago, the Greek physician Hippocrates (also called the father of medicine) used to tell his patients to eat garlic once a day stays healthy.

But not just whole garlic, even a tiny clove of garlic may suffice.

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Because there is a clove of garlic inside-

  • 5 mg calcium
  • 12 mg potassium
  • More than 100 sulfuric ingredients are ideal for repelling bacteria and infections.

Garlic was used in the treatment of soldiers who were injured in World War II.

Garlic is very effective in treating flu or cold. One study found that regular consumption of garlic reduced the incidence of flu by 63%. And in 60% of cases, the symptoms go away.

Garlic is even better than the medicine we take from the doctor for flu or cold.

Because these antibiotics destroy both the good and the harmful bacteria in the body, as a result, the effectiveness of beneficial bacteria in the body decreases.

That’s why you will see that taking antibiotics causes digestive problems, gas, loose motions, or thin stools.

But garlic kills the harmful bacteria in your body but keeps the good bacteria safe.

That is why garlic is called Immunity Boosting Superstar.

However, to get these benefits of garlic, you have to eat raw garlic. This is because the sulfur enzymes in garlic are reduced when cooked or dried. And inside this sulfur is the ‘antibiotic’ effect of garlic.

But one problem with garlic is its smell. The odor may not be eliminated. However, there are ways you can reduce its severity.

  • Take fresh, nutritious garlic, not fermented ones
  • Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice
  • Wash the garlic cloves well in water
  • Brush your teeth after eating

Governor of Nigeria affected by Blackberries and Kovid-19

Seii Makindi, the governor of Wu province in Nigeria, recently moved to isolation after receiving a positive Covid-19. When he is tested again a week later, the negative comes.

Sei Makindi said her weapon in the fight against Kovid-19 was three – carrot, vitamin C, and black cumin oil with honey.

He said that this time he was trying to increase his immunity as much as possible, which was the result.

The recovery from the coronavirus has caused a stir across Nigeria. The news was published in The Guardian on April 9.

Blackberries – It is believed that Kovid-19 will be able to resist

A recent study published in the Chem-Archive has revealed a great deal of discussion about how black cumin materials can resist Covid-19.

Researchers Selim and Misum wrote the report entitled “Identification of Compounds from Nigella Sativa as New Potential Inhibitors of 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19): Molecular Docking Study”. Using the molecular docking method, he finds some of the ingredients in black cumin that are thought to resist Covid-19.

The medicinal properties of black cumin were discovered at least two thousand years ago. From headaches, toothaches to hypertension, bleeding, and any lung infections (asthma, phlegm, bronchitis, flu, swine flu), Blackberries is so effective that it is called Shabbat ul baraka seed of blessing.

Sour yogurt-beneficial bacteria

The role of the digestive system in the body’s immune system is significant. As you may know, 80% of immune cells are in the digestive tract.

These are used to make antibodies and cells that identify and kill harmful bacteria.

Since various germs enter the stomach with food, it is a function of the stomach lining to prevent them from entering the body.

There are also some beneficial bacteria in the stomach. Whose job is to keep the immune system strong. These are called probiotics.

There are pro-biotics. You can also help these beneficial bacteria by eating such foods. For example, Tokai, cheese, olives, etc.

Get papaya-158%

Papaya has a lot of vitamin C. One papaya contains 156% of the amount of vitamin C an adult needs in a day. It also contains potassium, vitamin B, folate, etc., which increase immunity.

Broccoli is one of nature’s healthiest vegetables.

Broccoli is an excellent source of vitamin C. By vitamin C in general. We mean sour fruit. But surprisingly, the amount of vitamin C in broccoli is more than many berries.

For example, 100 grams of broccoli contains 69 mg of vitamin C.

It also contains vitamins A, E, and many types of antioxidants and fiber, which have transformed broccoli into one of nature’s healthiest vegetables.

However, the nutritional value of this food will remain intact as long as it can be cooked less. It is perfect if you can eat it raw. But if you can’t do that, boil it and eat it.

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Spinach is best eaten cooked lightly.

Spinach also has plenty of vitamin C. There are calcium, magnesium, potassium, vitamin A, folate, and many more types of antioxidants and beta carotene that boost immunity.

The advantage of spinach is that it is cheap and available in our country all year round.

But like broccoli, the less it is cooked, the better. Of course, it is better to eat lightly cooked food without eating it raw because it comes out with other ingredients, including vitamin A.

Sour fruit

We know that vitamin C is found in pickled fruits. But did you know that vitamin C boosts immunity?

One study found that taking adequate amounts of vitamin C helped flu symptoms heal faster and helped treat lung infections.

That’s why a team of doctors at Wuhan’s Jungian Hospital in the Chinese city where the Kovid-19 outbreak began using vitamin C to treat coronary heart disease in patients who came to the hospital with coronary heart disease.    

But one thing to keep in mind is that our body cannot retain vitamin C. So you need to take an adequate amount of this vitamin regularly every day.

Ginger balances the immune system.

Although ginger is helpful in many types of ailments, ginger is very effective in sore throat, flu, joint pain, etc. Ginger also helps to reduce nausea.

When immunity is low, the effect of ginger increases, and if there is more, then reduce.

In other words, ginger ensures that the balance of resistance is also needed.

Studies have even shown that ginger is effective in those bacteria that have become drug-resistant, meaning that they are not working even with medication.

Capsicum fruit contains twice as much vitamin C.

Capsicum consumption among middle-class consumers in this country is relatively low.

But did you know that capsicum has more vitamin C than oranges, grapes, and other exotic fruits that we buy at high prices?

At least double!

So before you decide to buy at a higher price, think once – you are saving a lot in the end by increasing the immunity!

Apples – a food for beneficial bacteria

Apples do not have vitamins A, B, C, E – what! Moreover, it contains a pectin substance, which is a type of fiber and acts like a prebiotic. Prebiotics are food for beneficial bacteria in the body. Which directly works to boost your immunity.

Green tea helps to create anti-bacterial ingredients

Both green tea and black tea are rich in antioxidants called flavonoids. However, green tea contains another powerful antioxidant called EGCG, which helps boost immunity. In black tea, however, this material is lost in processing.

Green tea also contains the amino acid ‘L-thionin,’ which helps prepare anti-bacterial ingredients in the blood T-cells.

Fast food the enemy of the body

One thing to note – there is no mention of processed foods or fast food in any of the foods mentioned to boost immunity.

A study on the Western Diet published in the World Health Organization’s Nutrition Journal reveals the effects of fast food on immunity.

“Eating too much fast food and processed foods has caused many health problems in people – allergies, infections and inflammation are some of them.”

“Young people are getting more cancer in Bangladesh now than adults.

Cancers that are supposed to occur after 50-60 are found to be in a person in their 30s.

A big reason for this is the eating habits of young people. Most young people are addicted to fast food.

Fast food has high nitrate content. Preserved meat or overcooked meat is used to make fast food.

Burgers, hot dogs, or cans made from these ingredients contain excessive amounts of carcinogenic nitrates, which are later converted to nitrous urea. This causes cancer of the rectum and rectum.”

This means that disease prevention is a far cry. On the contrary, fast food gives birth to all deadly diseases.

So if you are worried about Kovid-19, don’t forget to eat fast food.

Sugar and sugary foods prevent disease.

A lab test found that sugar interferes with the activity of white blood cells. And white blood cells increase immunity.

Moreover, other studies have shown that high blood sugar increases the risk of infections and other complications.

However, it would be wrong to think that sugar is the only culprit in this list. The processed sugars that we eat every day, like white rice, white flour, etc., are also known as sugar.

Good sleep

The role of sleep in boosting immunity is also not more minor. Studies have shown that the body produces a type of protein called cytokines when rest is low. And these cytokines have a role in increasing the infection and inflammation in the body.

A study of 153 volunteers was conducted. A type of influenza virus called ‘rhinovirus’ is injected into the volunteers’ bodies.

It was found that those who slept less than seven hours had a three times higher risk of contracting the virus than those who slept more than eight hours.

How long do you need to sleep?

The question is – how long do you need to sleep?

It is said that 7-8 hours of sleep for adults, 9-10 hours for teenagers, and more than 10 hours for those younger should be taken.

However, those who meditate twice a day can sleep for 8 hours.

TV, YouTube, Facebook

But now, a big enemy of sleep is social media and internet-centric addiction and entertainment.

When people go to sleep after spending time in these till late at night, they do not get enough time to sleep, nor do they get good sleep.

In particular, now that they are at home, many people stay up late watching coronavirus news on TV, YouTube or Facebook.

This inadequate sleep is threatening him but Corona. If he is infected with the disease, his immune system is declining.

Go to bed at specific times.

Health experts say that a good sleep habit is to go to bed at the same time every day. And that’s very good if it’s half-past eleven at night.

And try to stay asleep at 12: 30-2: 30 at night. Because your body wants the ‘sleep-wake rhythm’, you stay asleep at this time.

And in the evening, try to go as close to the blue screen as possible on the mobile phone, laptop, or computer screen because research has shown that blue-screen disturbs people’s sleep.

Instead, try to be busy with non-technological activities at home after dusk, such as reading a book or doing any work by hand.

Stay physically active

Research shows that people who exercise regularly are less likely to suffer from infections.

But those who used to walk or exercise in the park may be looking for alternatives now that it is closed.

The best exercise for them and everyone now is Quantum Exercise – the most straightforward and most effective implementation of yoga exercises.

In particular, Quantum Yoga Some seats are now specifically Can Make gomukhasana , Bhujangasana , ustrasana , matsyasana , halasana , Pawan muktasana , sasangasana .

The exercises are on the yoga site, in the book Quantum Exercises by Ma-ji Nahar Al Bukhari. Also available in the Quantum Yoga app.

Moreover, another way to stay physically active is to do your chores at home at this time.

Since women’s work has increased due to giving leave to domestic workers, men can try to help their mother-sister or wife at home. This will increase the heart of the family. You will also have the opportunity to stay active.

Resistance to stress and disease

Scientists say that chronic stress lowers the human immune system.

This is because the body releases a type of stress hormone called cortisol due to anxiety and worry. And this stress hormone damages the T-cells of the body.

T-cells send a warning to the brain when a harmful bacterium or virus hits the body.

It also reduces the secretion of cortisol antibody ‘IgA’. IgA is the antibody that resides in the stomach and lungs and builds the first resistance against any bacterial virus about to invade the body.

Fear-anxiety-tension reduces immunity

Anxiety, Panic, Fear WHO conducted a study on how to reduce immunity. They selected 49 first-year medical students.

A month before the test (when their anxiety-tension with the test is a little less), they were seen taking blood samples from their body, and the amount and activity of T-cells were quite good.

But when the samples were taken during the final examination of the first year, it was found that both the amount and activity of T-cells were low.

This is why scientists think that when a person is anxious, his immunity decreases.

The solution is meditation.

New Bright Life

So what is the solution? The source of anxiety-fear-panic is but your mind. You see, the same thing is frightening someone. Again, it is not having any effect on anyone. He is in a very normal condition.

The difference is how well you control your mind. How calm and peaceful your mind is.

That is why meditation is needed. Meditation twice a day for half an hour will make you much calmer and more stable.

Moreover, the instability that has been created by staying at home all the time will also be removed.

Do an excellent meditation of solidarity with family in the morning – my family.

And in the evening, do prayer meditation.

However, from the meditation page of the Quantum site, you can also choose another meditation of your choice.


Hand washing. This is the only effective way to prevent Covid-19 so far. The virus is spread by touching the place where the virus is present. And you are putting your hand here and there all the time. But it becomes clear by washing your hands regularly for 20 seconds.

Also, make sure that the skin on the hands, feet and other body parts does not become too dry and rough. This is because dry-rough skin is easily attracted to germs. You can use coconut oil for this.

And drink plenty of water.

It is essential to keep your throat wet along with your body. You can do one thing about this – when you brush your teeth in the morning and at night, you can gargle a few times with water (better if it is soft hot water). Studies have shown that it reduces the risk of bacterial infections.

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