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Eight ways to overcome laziness

Some of us are a little lazy at work. But prolonged lethargy or laziness is terrible for the body. It puts people under pressure. Even going to the doctor causes delays. In this episode, I learned about eight ways to overcome laziness.

1. Motivation does not depend on willpower alone.

According to sports psychologist Ian Taylor, people often think that will is everything, but he believes it is not correct. He said that willpower or self-control is a kind of motivation, but it is not the best. So he thinks it is better to ignore the wrong side of the work than rely on willpower. Instead, it should consider essential and essential, which will help achieve the goal.

2. See what’s left of the positive work.

Fuschia Sirois of the University of Sheffield says laziness or weakness in time management is not the problem. If you are worried that you will fail, there will be a reason to leave the job. It can create a vicious cycle. Delays reduce working hours, which increases the risk of failure and makes you anxious.

Look at the positive side of the work to avoid these. Maybe learn something or get more pleasure than expected.

3. Planning

If you realize that a tendency to laziness is forming in, you then take a strategy mentally. If someone tells you about a meeting on the weekend, you better say the session is over this evening.

American psychologist Peter Gollwitzer reviewed 94 studies on this technique. According to him, those who follow the strategy are 2/3 times more determined than others to achieve the goal.

4. Reduce stress

Make it as simple as possible. If you plan to run in the morning, fix your clothes beforehand. Put the work plan final on the table the night before. Then first, you get an idea of what to start. And remove obstacles, such as on-screen alerts. Mute the phone and log off from social media.

5. Reward yourself

A new study by Caitlin Yuli from Cornell University shows that instant rewards motivate people to work harder. Laziness starts with leaving complicated work. So its countermeasure can be a reward for timely work. One study says that audiobooks work better when you exercise. That is an instant reward. So see which one works in your case.

6. A more realistic outlook for the future

Many of us believe we will have much time in the future. We think we will be more organized, more active in front of us, or live such a life; There will be no mistakes and so on.

It certainly won’t. For these reasons, we often do not understand how long it will take to finish the work. It is a planned mistake.

7. Be kind to yourself.

Hanging work at hand often creates negative perceptions. Students who could not read before the exam; A study conducted on them found that those who forgive themselves due to Alzheimer’s do better later. “We can’t be as cruel to our friends as we are to ourselves sometimes,” says Sirois. So we should show some empathy for ourselves.

8. Talk about yourself

The language you use can also make a difference. Ian Taylor says talking about yourself works because it creates a relationship between you and your behavior.

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