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Positive Think

Always stay positive with a smile

According to a U.S. study, optimists live longer than pessimists. According to this theory, optimists may control their emotions much more quickly; Which keeps them away from the harmful effects of stress. U.S. researchers also say that if pessimists can think of a future where all sorts of problems will go away, that approach could also benefit them.

We will learn about how people become optimistic and what pessimists can do to stay positive about life.

I will not lag with negativity.

It said, ‘The grass on the other side of the river always looks a little too green.’ But the idea did not impress Tania Guarda, who lives in Lisbon, Portugal. He thinks, ‘Everyone has a problem. I try to enjoy my life as it is. I am satisfied with what I have. Good health, family, a loving partner, and a job of my choice. ‘

Tania keeps herself busy to find out the problem behind it. He likes to think about how he will feel even after solving them. People do not pay much attention to the negativity of others. “I never think long and hard about negative personal comments,” he said. I don’t let these come to me.

Feeling humorous

Vicky Siska of Colorado has had some stressful bad times. But still, he is optimistic. “The song satisfies my soul, the sense of humor gives me new ideas about different things, and I have many good friends who love and care for me,” she said.

The sense of humor also helped Hartfordshire’s Pipa Kennedy stay positive. “I think we should be content with what we have,” he said.

Praise yourself

Susanna Chapman of Liverpool said she admires herself on the smallest of issues. He takes out the garbage in himself. As a result, it becomes very accurate and helpful for itself. Susanna tries to turn her negativity into positivity. “Instead of thinking about something bad, I do something else, spend some time watching videos of laughter,” he said. And the smile is perfect for health.

Smile even in times of trouble

There is a proverb in Dutch culture. And that is – ‘Gen Groter Farmac right Lidfarmac’, that is, ‘there is nothing more entertaining than misery’ – said Ed de Liu, a resident of Breder in the Netherlands.

Her father taught her more essential tips. And that is – smile at your misfortune. Ad adheres to it and says his life is a big kind of celebration’.

Do a lot of hobbies.

Sue Oakley-Dan, a resident of Kidsgrove in Staffordshire, said she is always positive and healthy because she does ‘what creates a melody in her soul.’

Sue said that even if Plan A fails, there is always Plan B. He said that all his positivity comes from his many hobbies and clean air. It works for him. He still avoids scary stories.

Exercise and meditation

There is another thing that is as beneficial as friendship and laughter are staying positive. And that is physical exercise. Robin Black practices yoga and meditates regularly. He advises staying physically strong and healthy.

“Do what you love to do,” he said. Please make a list, follow it, and always be grateful.

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