By eating just two dates a day, you can cure everything from digestive problems to blood pressure, blood cholesterol, and even degenerative brain disease as you age. In order to get the benefits that we will share with you in this article, you must eat dates regularly.

Nutritionists have named dates the best diet food in the world, So let’s get started in detail.

Instant Energy

Dates are called instant energy treasure which means instant vitality. It’s not just conventional, it’s the result of scientific research, According to a report in the International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition, if a person feels weak or tired, he or she will feel better again after eating a few dates. You can also check the matter. In fact, a lot of energy is spent on home, office, road now. As the day goes on, fatigue and weakness surround the body.

Dates can be an excellent deterrent in this case. Dates contain natural sugars like glucose, fructose and sucrose which are the source of this ‘energy’. Try to have two dates in your daily diet from today. You will see the same liveliness that you left in the morning, when you return home in the evening, you will feel the same liveliness.

Lowers cholesterol, prevents fat deposits in arteries

Although it is a sweet fruit, dates have no fat and no cholesterol. Rather dates cut down the body’s cholesterol. The antioxidant ‘catechins’ in dates lowers the ‘bad’ cholesterol in the blood, increasing the ‘good’ cholesterol. Moreover, dates prevent the oxidation process of cholesterol which prevents atherosclerosis from being deposited in the blood vessels. Simply put, it does not allow fat to build up in the arteries. However, this benefit of dates is more noticeable in the dates of ‘Halawi’ variety than in ‘Mezul’ variety.

Effective in curing heart disease, cancer and diabetes

These three diseases are said to be the most deadly diseases of this century. It is noteworthy that the fight against the three diseases of dates is very successful. For example, dates contain antioxidant flavonoids. Which is quite beneficial in curing inflammation. A study from Egypt’s Suez Canal University found that date flavonoids are good for cancer and diabetes. There is an ingredient called ‘isoflavone’ in dates (it is the second highest among fruits) which reduces the risk of heart disease. Dates also contain another ingredient called carotenoids. It is also effective in heart disease.

And the antioxidant called phenolic acid in dates prevents cancer. Studies have shown that abdominal cancer can be treated with dates without any side effects.

Helps to reduce blood pressure

Many of the foods we eat contain high levels of salt. And it is a big cause of high blood pressure. But there is no sodium (salt) in dates. Rather, it has good levels of potassium (about 16 mg per date, more than any other fruit) which helps in sodium excretion. This is why it is said that dates are a natural antidote that helps lower blood pressure.

Moreover, one of the reasons for the accumulation of kidney stones is the lack of potassium.

Strengthens the bones

There is no denying that the more we age, the more our bones decay. With pain and accessory problems. Dates contain minerals like selenium, manganese, copper and magnesium which are beneficial for bones. As a result, it is very good for preventing any bone disease including osteoporosis.

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Increases eyesight

You might say you have no problem. But take a look, do you spend more time on the mobile screen now than ever before? Or on a laptop screen. Have you been working in artificial light for a long time because there is no place for sunlight to enter the office? And all this is having a detrimental effect on your eyes.

Dates are an excellent antidote to this. Dates are rich in vitamin A and the antioxidant carotenoids, which are good for eyesight. Even with age, the problem of loss of contraction and expansion of the eye muscles is a problem that dates can prevent.

You are definitely beginning to understand the benefits of dates, If you want to get more amazing information, go ahead.


Stimulates the brain

If you can start the morning with just two dates, then you will understand the difference. Dates increase the performance of the brain.

A study conducted in Australia has shown that dates have helped to improve memory and learning ability. In fact, the various antioxidants in dates play a role.

Moreover, the risk of brain damage that occurs with age, dates are excellent resistance. This is because dates help prevent it from the effects of cortisol and oxidants.

Reduces the problem of piles and constipation

Diseases like piles, constipation etc. are usually due to lack of fiber in the diet. And since dates contain a lot of fiber, you can easily prevent these diseases by eating dates regularly.

A study from the University of Rochester Medical Center found that eating just 20-35 grams of dates a day was enough to soften the stool, to keep the stool mine ratio right. Which prevents constipation.

Lose weight, gain weight

You say, how is that possible. In fact, dates contain vitamin B, vitamin K, riboflavin, niacin and many other nutrients. The combined result of all this is to increase metabolism. The result is weight loss. And that’s natural. Because we know of a variety of artificial ways to lose weight temporarily, but soon it comes back.

But that is not the case with dates. Because dates help to balance the body in reduced weight. Moreover, dates are a food that is satisfied by eating a little, so there is no need to eat more.

Now increase the weight. Yes, although most people think about losing weight, there are some people who want to gain weight. Dates are ideal for them.

Makes the skin beautiful

Who does not want attractive soft skin? But it doesn’t just have to be make-up from the outside. This requires food. And the nice addition of dates. Playing dates regularly will make your skin fresh, clean and vibrant!

Dates are rich in vitamins and antioxidants. For example, Vitamin C enhances skin elasticity. Vitamin D enhances elegance. In addition, dates reduce the level of melanin in the body and eliminate the signs of age. Dates also help to preserve oily skin. If there is any disease in the skin, it is also treated well.

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Hair stops falling out

Dates contain iron. Which increases the amount of oxygen in the blood. And it reaches the whole body including hair in a balanced way. As a result, hair loss is reduced, as well as new hair grows. If you have hair loss problems, eat dates regularly.

The problem of anemia

Suffering from anemia causes problems like fatigue, shortness of breath, chest pain etc. Patients with anemia can also safely eat dates. Because dates have a lot of iron. Moreover, dates also cleans the blood.

Pregnant mother and dates

Pregnant mothers need extra calories. And there are fewer nutritious but rich source of food than dates. Another problem during pregnancy is piles. And the solution is to eat fibrous foods that are abundant in dates.

A Jordanian study found that mothers who ate enough dates until four weeks before delivery had fewer complications during childbirth. Evidence has also been found that dates strengthen the uterine muscles of expectant mothers.

Increased sexual ability

Dates contain certain ingredients that increase sexual potency and sexual desire in both men and women. And increases sex hormones.

No need for extra vitamins

Dates contain 23 amino acids, many of which are not even popular as healthy fruits like apples, oranges, bananas. And amino acids play a key role in increasing digestion. In addition, the amino acid also helps to flush out a toxin called ‘carcinogenic’.

There is no need for you to take extra vitamins if you eat dates regularly – now scientists say.

Dates instead of ‘white sugar’

Many health-conscious people are now removing ‘white poison’ sugar from their diet. But is the innate attraction to sweet food diminishing? Not decreasing.

It turned out that sugar had not been eaten for seven days. But one day I ate so much sugary processed food that not eating sugar for seven days did more harm than good in one day!

Dates can be a great, healthy alternative. Dates contain fructose which is called ‘natural sugar’. This is why dates are sweet and taste like caramel when eaten. Another name for dates is ‘natural candy’ because of its sweetness.

Those who have avoided white sugar can very well take dates as an alternative. For this, take some amount of dates, remove the beech, mix a little water with it and blend it in a blender. Became a healthy alternative to date paste-sugar. Give as many spoons of sugar as you used to give in that food, so many spoons of date paste in that food. As the taste will be, so will the nutrition. Survive the loss of sugar.

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The process of eating

Dates are a food that you can eat directly as well as as an ingredient in food. How to use dates as an alternative to sugar has been mentioned in the previous chapter. Heart patients can eat dates soaked in water. Soak two dates in water at night. In the morning, eat two dates with soaked water.

However, since dates are a sweet fruit and high in calories, it is best to eat them in moderation. Nutritionists say that two dates a day is enough to get these benefits of dates.

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