If someone in the family or friends is frustrated; Do you want to help him? However, you do not understand precisely how to help. Fear again, if going to help is the opposite of a hit! Instead, some may remain silent, hoping that everything will return to normal.

In this regard, the psychologist of Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center K. “We are working to change the way we talk about mental problems, depression, suicide, etc.,” said Luan Fan. The steps taken by various organizations in this regard have inspired us. As a psychologist, I would like to give six tips to help you help a depressed person. They are – listening, asking questions, loving, taking action, communicating, speaking for him.

Listening: Before helping a depressed person, you need to listen to him or her and find out about his or her condition. The more you want to hear, the more he will be interested in telling you what he thinks. And this way you can know the level of his frustration. Remember, depression is one of the biggest causes of suicide.

Question: The questions that can make a depressed person interested in the discussion. And the depressed person will also realize that you care about him. Your questions and curiosity will help keep him away from destructive thoughts, save his life.

Love: Asking questions and listening will prove your care to a victim. And if you listen to him carefully, show compassion, then you can express your love for him. The feeling of being loved may inspire the depressed person to return to normal.

Take action: Just listening to happiness and sorrow does not end your work. After learning about their plans, he should try to keep them from making any terrible decisions. You need to help yourself to take action instead of making hurtful or destructive decisions.

Communication: Many times you yourself may not be able to help him completely. In that case, he should contact those who can give him proper cooperation. He will have to take treatment.

Speaking on behalf of: You also have to take steps to change the attitude of the society towards mental problems, you have to take the field. And this work must be done by all together. In other words, all that needs to be done for a depressed person is to listen to him, to understand him, to extend a hand of love to him.

Formula : Bdnews24.com (November 8, 2019)  


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