There is daily busyness in various office work. It is as if the time that has passed while working has not found. As a result, one suffers from fatigue due to work fatigue. Because although there is interest in bringing creativity and diversity in work, the overall outcome is not progressing much. Many people have such problems.

Human resources experts and trainers. Sohan Haider emphasizes overcoming such problems and building oneself as a skilled worker. “Creativity is a kind of habit,” he said. Anyone can make a difference in their life by doing a little positive work every day. Sohan Haider, a human resource management expert, has given some suggestions to increase creativity.

Breakfast is plentiful

Strange as it may sound, breakfast depends on our activity and speed throughout the day. Young professionals rush to the office in the morning rush, so many do not have regular breakfast. Regular breakfast has a positive effect on the body; it also affects the work in the first part of the day. Any professional should have breakfast in the morning for good health.

Keep the work table clean

Arrange as much as possible where we work or sit at the table. Many of us tend to show work, which is why we scatter files and papers on the table. Again, many bosses do not see the files on the staff’s table; they think the team is cheating. But a clean table is significant for creating interest in work and developing creativity. A clean table reduces stress on the mind.

Read e-mails at break

A bad habit for many is to read e-mails frequently. Whenever there is an e-mail, we keep an eye on the mobile phone or desktop. In doing so, the mind goes to the other side. Many skilled workers do not lose themselves by reading e-mails at the beginning of the day. Read the e-mail slowly after finishing the previous day’s tasks, or the more stressful work. Give more time to improve the quality of work, read e-mails in need of work, at regular intervals.

Work through the list

Many of us do not know what to do tomorrow. Again, I memorize what I will do today. Make a list of what you will do each day on a piece of paper. Understand the importance of work and decide which work to do first. If you work with the list, there is no pressure on the brain to do any work left, when to do it.

Take a break

We work hours after hours. It works, but in many cases, the quality of work will weak. Take regular breaks between work. Continuous work puts pressure on the brain. Take frequent breaks every hour, drink water at regular intervals.

Keep the cell phone away

Keep the phone away during any work or meeting. Notifications from different apps interfere with our attention. Keep the phone out to bring mobility to work. Make it a habit to use your mobile phone for work.

Shorten the meeting

Master effective and dynamic meeting techniques. If necessary, with the human resources department’s help, find out the strategy for effective meetings. Short meetings of 15 or 20 minutes are quite useful in developing creativity.

One job at a time

We try to do many things together. No work will do well. When you do, concentrate on one task. A few functions with one hand slows yourself down.

Source : Prothom Alo (September 25, 2019)  


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